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Carefully cultivated raw materials with Banto Foods and Kawazoe fruits, and all processes of manufacturing, design, and promotion are carried out in Tokushima Prefecture, making it a new pepper sauce that combines the charm of Tokushima into one. By using plenty of yuzu juice and persimmon vinegar, it is finished in a mild and refreshing pepper sauce. In addition to the sourness of persimmon vinegar with edges wrapped in a soft yuzu aroma, the punchy pungency that comes later brings a new taste experience that you will be addicted. Bakasco, which is not Tabasco, is named after "BA" from Banto and "KA" from Kawazoe, and its catchy name has been well received by overseas buyers.

Recommended Serve and Use

Just one or two drops sprinkled on pasta, pizza, fried food, etc. is refreshing. It is also delicious drizzled over soup noodles such as ramen and udon, and is also a good sauce for sashimi and Japanese food.

Net Content

Best Before
1 year from the date of manufacture at room temperature

Storage Instructions
Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight

Yuzu juice, persimmon vinegar, salt, yuzu peel, chilli pepper
Product of : Tokushima

Bando Foods Co., Ltd.

Postal Code 771-4503 63-1 Kamino, Ikumi Kamikatsu-cho, Katsuura-gun, Tokushima, JAPAN

We are natural farmers, growing and processing our own sudachi, yuzu, yuko, and other citrus fruits on our JAS-certified organic farm in the mountains of Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima Prefecture, at an altitude of 300 to 400 meters. We use high-quality, safe ingredients nurtured by the natural environment of Kamikatsu and the rich soil made from compost made from organic citrus fruits grown on our own farm to create products that are gentle to the body.