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KARASUZANSHO HONEY (Japanese prickly ash Honey)

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This honey is one of the rarest in the world, locking in the fresh aroma of the Karasu-sansho.
The honey is produced from species of flowers native to Japan and not found elsewhere, which have been popular in Waka poetry and literature since ancient times. Karasu-zansho is a citrus tree native to East Asia that produces beautiful pearly flowers. It grows only in limited latitudes and conditions and is rarely found growing in the wild outside of Japan. Its impactful flavor, which evokes the vitality of summer, has a luxurious feel and is popular among honey lovers. We hope you will enjoy its fresh aroma and clean taste.

Recommended Serve and Use

Suitable for deep-roasted coffee, café au lait, vanilla ice cream, lemonade and banana baked goods, dressings, cocktails and meat dishes. The citrus aroma goes well with lemon too.

Net Content

Best Before
2 years from the date of manufacture

Storage Instructions
Store at room temperature

Honey (Karasu-zansho Honey) / Product of : Chiba

Hachi Hachi

Postal Code 299-3211 1813 Hosokusa, Oamishirasato-shi, Chiba, JAPAN

Under the motto of "gentle to bees, people, and nature," Hachi hachi produces unheated and additive-free honey that makes the most of the unique charms of the local area. By making the most of the climate of the land where the bees are raised and producing honey, we hope to rediscover the charm that is unique to that region and spread the taste of our hometown to the world. We will continue to produce and deliver honey that brings to mind the nature of our hometown with every bite. In addition, to create an environment where bees can live comfortably, we are also involved in activities to cultivate flowers and trees for nectar sources and to restore abandoned farmland, and we sell environmentally friendly beeswax products.