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le Lectier Pear Juice

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100% straight juice, carefully squeezed without adding any sugar or other sweeteners, and using plenty of the finest "Le Lectier" Western pears, the Niigata Prefecture specialty.
[2017~2021] "Cuisine Kingdom 100 Selection" Certification for 5 consecutive years, Excellence Award
[2018,2019] "OMOTENASHI Selecion" award for 2 consecutive years

Recommended Serve and Use

Delicious on the rocks, poured into a glass, mixed with water or soda to taste (7 parts juice to 3 parts water or soda is the maximum), as a cocktail with shochu (not too strong), vodka, beer, or other liquors, frozen in a tray in the freezer as sorbet, as an ingredient for jelly, or hot in hot water.

Net Content

Best Before
2 years

Storage Instructions
Before opening ; room temperature / After opening ; refrigerated

Western pear (Niigata Le Lectier), Antioxidant (vitamin C), pH adjuster Product of : Niigata
* This product is manufactured with the same utilities as products containing apples, peaches, oranges, and bananas. * Please shake well before drinking.

Le Verger Yamayo Yamayo Orchard

Postal Code 950-1404 2460, Daigo, Minami-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata, JAPAN

Mr. Masatoshi Koyanagi, the representative of Le Verger Yamayo Orchard, is the 18th generation of the family, and together with his successor, the 19th generation, he is carrying on the old tradition of fruit tree cultivation. Aiming to be a company that supplies safe, healthy, and delicious agricultural products, he was one of the first in Niigata Prefecture to be certified as an "Eco-Farmer". In addition, in order to help improve the income of farmers as a whole, we are also taking over difficult-to-sell fruit from growers in the prefecture and turning them into processed products. By not destroying the environment and valuing human ties, we are contributing to the community as a whole.