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Matsuai Sauce (Naturally brewed soy sauce)

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The main ingredient, soybeans, are grown on a contract farm in Aso Hano without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.  "Natural Brewed Marudaizu Soy Sauce" uses only our whole soybeans, wheat grown in Kumamoto, and mineral-rich sun-dried salt, with no additives added. The soybeans are used whole and not processed, so the oil and fat components of the soybeans are broken down during the brewing process, resulting in a mellow, deep umami flavor. Enjoy the mellow aroma and plump umami created by fermentation and maturation over one year.

Recommended Serve and Use

Perfect accompaniment to sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese dishes, as well as to roast chicken, roast beef, and grilled vegetables to enhance the aroma and savory flavor.

Net Content

Best Before
730 days from the date of manufacture

Storage Instructions
Room temperature

Soybeans, wheat, salt, water, Koji mold / Product of : Kumamoto


Postal Code 869-3472  188, Matsuai, Shiranuhi-machi, Uki-shi, Kumamoto, JAPAN

With the motto of making the world's safest raw materials, making the world's best miso, soy sauce, and vinegar, and protecting Japan's agriculture, we are committed to use local Kumamoto raw materials as much as possible. Also, we are working on traditional natural brewing with as few additives as possible. In addition, we are focusing on crop cultivation on our own directly managed farm, and our employees grow soybeans from the Aso Kogen highlands, rice, wheat, garlic, amanatsu, plums, etc. by themselves. In recognition of these efforts, we received the "Agricultural Contribution Award" at the Kumamoto Prefecture Agricultural Contest in 2012.