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Tanakaya Izushisoba premium (Premium Soba Noodle)

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Izushi Soba noodles made from carefully selected ingredients and finished with delicious water from Izushi.  Our 50-50% buckwheat dried soba noodles are thin and thirst-quenching made with Hyogo buckwheat flour, two types of Hyogo wheat flours, and red salt. These soba noodles were certified by Hyogo Prefecture as a "Five-Star Hyogo" certified food in 2018, and are now sold in Paris, France.

Recommended Serve and Use

Cook the noodles in at least 2 L of plenty of boiling water for 4 minutes and 30 seconds, making sure not to spill over. Wash well after boiling. Serve with cold dipping sauce and condiments such as green onion, egg, wasabi, yam, etc., or warm over hot soba noodles.

Net Content

Best Before
1 year from the date of manufacture at room temperature

Storage Instructions
Store at room temperature

Buckwheat, flour, starch, salt, wheat gluten / Product of : Hyogo *Not suitable for those allergic to buckwheat or flour

Tanakaya Foods Co., Ltd.

Postal Code 668-0221 66 Izushi-cho Machibun, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo, JAPAN

Izushi Soba is produced in Izushi Town, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, with a history and tradition of 300 years. In 1706, when the Matsudaira clan, lords of the Izushi domain, and the Sengoku clan, lords of the Ueda castle in Shinshu, were transferred to another country, the techniques of soba craftsmen were introduced, and today Izushi Soba is known as one of the best soba restaurants in Kansai. Today, Izushi Soba produces a wide variety of "Izushi Soba" including semi-nama, nama (raw), and dried noodles. Since 2009, the company has won the Monde Selection Gold Award, the International Quality Award in 2011, the Hyogo Prefecture version of HACCP in 2014, and the store Shokaku Tanakaya was listed in the Michelin Guide Hyogo edition in 2016.